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Senior County League Fixtures 2012

posted 9 Feb 2012, 16:16 by Unknown user   [ updated 9 Feb 2012, 16:24 ]
Our Senior team once again compete Division 2 for the coming year. All fixtures can be view in the below document attached.

Senior Football League 2012 – Division 2



Rd 1   (Sat Mar 24)


An Ghaeltacht                         v                      Desmonds


Glenflesk                                 v                      Finuge


Skellig Rgs                              v                      Kenmare


Emmets                                   v                      Tarbert


Annascaul                               v                      St Pats


Waterville                                v                      Kilcummin



Rd 2   (Sun Apr 15)


St Pats                                     v                      An Ghaeltacht


Kilcummin                              v                      Kenmare


Desmonds                               v                      Waterville


Tarbert                                     v                      Annascaul


Glenflesk                                 v                      Emmets


Skellig Rgs                              v                      Finuge



Rd 3   (Sun May 13)


Kenmare                                  v                      Desmonds


An Ghaeltacht                         v                      Annascaul


Finuge                                     v                      Kilcummin


Tarbert                                     v                      Glenflesk


Emmets                                   v                      Skellig Rgs


Waterville                                v                      St Pats





Rd 4   (Sun May 20)


Kilcummin                              v                      An Ghaeltacht


Desmonds                               v                      Annascaul


Tarbert                                     v                      St Pats


Glenflesk                                 v                      Kenmare


Skellig Rgs                              v                      Waterville


Emmets                                   v                      Finuge



Rd 5   (Sat June 2)


St Pats                                     v                      Kenmare


An Ghaeltacht                         v                      Tarbert


Kilcummin                              v                      Emmets


Desmonds                               v                      Finuge


Skellig Rgs                              v                      Glenflesk


Annascaul                               v                      Waterville



Rd 6   (Sun July 1)


Kenmare                                  v                      Annascaul


Finuge                                     v                      St Pats


Tarbert                                     v                      Skellig Rgs


Glenflesk                                 v                      Kilcummin


Emmets                                   v                      Desmonds


Waterville                                v                      An Ghaeltacht








Rd 7   (Sun July 22)


St Pats                                     v                      Emmets


An Ghaeltacht                         v                      Kenmare


Kilcummin                              v                      Skellig Rgs


Desmonds                               v                      Glenflesk


Annascaul                               v                      Finuge


Waterville                                v                      Tarbert



Rd 8   (Sun July 29)


Kenmare                                  v                      Waterville


Finuge                                     v                      An Ghaeltacht


Tarbert                                     v                      Kilcummin


Glenflesk                                 v                      St Pats


Skellig Rgs                              v                      Desmonds


Emmets                                   v                      Annascaul



Rd 9   (Sun Aug 19


Kenmare                                  v                      Tarbert


St Pats                                     v                      Skellig Rgs


An Ghaeltacht                         v                      Emmets


Desmonds                               v                      Kilcummin


Annascaul                               v                      Glenflesk


Waterville                                v                      Finuge








Rd 10   (Sun Sept 30)


Kilcummin                              v                      St Pats


Finuge                                     v                      Kenmare


Tarbert                                     v                      Desmonds


Glenflesk                                 v                      An Ghaeltacht


Skellig Rgs                              v                      Annascaul


Emmets                                   v                      Waterville




Rd 11   (TBC)


Kenmare                                  v                      Emmets


St Pats                                     v                      Desmonds


An Ghaeltacht                         v                      Skellig Rgs


Finuge                                     v                      Tarbert


Annascaul                               v                      Kilcummin


Waterville                                v                      Glenflesk